The five planets that were sighted in a rare line-up the year 2003, occurs once every century in our solar system, but the seers say their effect becomes effective once every 45,200 years when others cosmic forces become actively involved in our galaxy. To document the significance of the rare line-up on the lives of people in this planet in the 45,200 year epoch, the seers adapted a symbol of seven Adam apple fruits pinned onto a pegged stick. This symbol in everyday life was raised to close a path or scare away thieves in the gardens. The symbol is commonly regarded as some sort of witchcraft and abhorred by many thieves in Africa. The people who erect them in their gardens do not necessarily know their origin.

The seers adapted the symbol to document or code a celestial phenomenon that is very special in their lives. Seers practically all over Africa were the calendar keepers. They were expected to interpret all the signs in the sky in relation to their communities’ everyday life.

The much abhorred symbol among many African communities portrays to the seers a strange alignment of five celestial bodies or planets inclusive of the sun inline to our earth. The pegged stick in this context is the imaginary axis hence pronouncement of cosmic radiation on the lives of people on earth. This axis is equated with python in the African wisdom. This phenomenon occurs once after 45,200 years. Is the “documented” radiation the creator of evolution of man in terms of intelligence? This celestial phenomenon takes place this century. The seers say the great python will bring wisdom in Africa. From the scientific point of view, there is a possibility of such alignment of planets and other forces to create some form of radiation as perceived by the elders. It is still possible that the radiation could affect the unborn children by activating their brains. The effect of this exposure would be creation of a super genius race in Africa. If the seers are talking of an evolution of man and that evolution will be caused by radiation and only in Africa, it becomes an interesting scientific phenomenon; how a man’s small brain perceives events not in his solar system time, but in the higher galactic periodicity. (Compare this radiation and that of creation).

Seers have a history that is unconventionally recorded but documented in their own language at unknown time in history in reference to unimaginable past , most probably as old as time.



Copyright: Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum