Ngungi Powers

How does the seer acquire ngungi powers?

For a seer to posses the ngungi powers, three herbs are administered. The first herb extracted from a plant they call tree of death, induces the initiate to a state of coma. The second herb extracted from a tree they call the tree of wisdom, is administered to deactivate the conscious mind. In this state the brain relocates its activities to a new site in limbic otherwise a dormant part of the brain to substitute the “impaired” brain. The third herb extracted from a tree they call the tree of life, reactivates the conscious mind and awakens the initiate from coma. In the process, the initiate becomes very ill as a result of the herbs. All the body skin peels off and the mouth becomes septic. The initiate is put on liquids for days or weeks depending on individual degree of recuperation. It should be noted, the Chief Seer from time to time monitors the healing process of the initiate by raising the patients right hand from his lying position and lets it have a free fall. When the initiate recovers, the chief seer tests the dimension of the wisdom acquired.

Despite the ability to overcome the gravity and flying at will or creating a force that drives an object from point A to point B, the initiates are known to acquire other powers in other dimensions. For instance it is known they acquire deep insight in astronomy, mathematics, surgery, herbs, geology, radiation, psych, magic, sooth saying etc. But unfortunately the law of silence does not allow this wisdom to go public. When the need arises, they release it in piece meal. However, the most highly protected wisdom is the way a seer permeates the walls. If the general public acquires this wisdom, the seers are well aware they would be held responsible. They say if the general public gain access to this wisdom seers would be held responsible for strong rooms robbery and compromising individual privacy.

This ngungi was applied only when delivering a special message from Ngai to the ruler or to one being warned of impending danger. For such mission the need to permeate the wall was inevitable.

From time immemorial African Seers activated the brains of their initiates through administration of herbs. They knew the best herbs to make the brain react and which area and to what extent. The result was emergence of genius to reckon with, among the society. The genius of the newly recruited seers was contained by being admitted in the sacerdotal college of seers and assigned to a new role in the wider esoteric wisdom composed of twelve branches.

In all the years that the West colonized Africa, they did not have the knowledge of existence of such science because of prejudice and malice towards the “natives”

For West to acquire such science on her own, she must wait for a while. First; to master thoroughly the working of the brain and second, to wait the production of a super computer that would guide the neurosurgeons in activating the brain, Perhaps, this will not be possible by the year 2025 computer model or even the highly anticipated year 2099 model.

Post independence Africa has not recognized culture as a tool towards development so long it comes from their old institutions that are regarded as a sign of backwardness. African states are striving to destroy the remaining bastion of their culture to catch up with the Western cultural values in order to compete with the West from that platform.

Lack of cultural policy in place remains the contributing factor in creation of unsustainable development projects in Africa. People’s knowledge about their environment is a prime component in planning and creating any sustainable development in that particular environment. There exists a symbiotic relationship between cultural diversity and biological diversity and this relationship constitutes a determining factor in ensuring sustainable human development.

Nobody knows the effectiveness of the three herbs in treatment or management of Alzheimer disease, vascular dementia, Senility and other brain related disorders. Still it is a taboo for Western trained medics to interact with herbalists for such a research, simply because herbalists are not Western trained. On the part of the seers they are the custodian of esoteric wisdom and the three herbs are their tools of trade. With this in mind, the experts would always expect a strong opposition when it comes to revealing this herb. It should be noted such a programme is not allowed by the college of seers. They fear, in the process, a super genius could be created only to mess humanity by destabilizing the normal order of things. Seers say ‘ugi ukuraga ta iguru’ literally wisdom grows as universe, meaning the pace at which the brain develops is at par with the expansion of universe (consider EGG- Expansious Gaseous Galaxy – creation of a new star) and utilization of a new convolution in the brain. Seers say, when the brain will be fully utilized, humanity will acquire angelic powers to move freely from planet Earth in our solar system to other planets in the outer space.

In activating the brain the initiate is placed millions of years ahead of his contemporary humanity. He takes oath to behave responsibly. Is it wise to let humanity grow at its own pace?

If the two groups would agree to work together, the seers would be invited to team up with physicians and neurologists to administer the herbs to selected groups of patients. In administration of the herbs, physicians would be targeting brain lesions called beta-myloid plaques – clusters of debris and a strange jumble of tangles in brain.

In the study they would test whether the herbs would stop the disease progression or reverse the course of ailment.

Neurologist would study what really takes place in the brain during ngungi process. Activation of the brain is not a modern knowledge but a new subject to Western institutions. The tree of life as referred in old history documents was property of seers and kings. There is such illustration in Metropolitan Museum of art in New York, from the palace of Assurnazirpal in Nimrud 9th century BC.

When the seer is exposed to ngugi he conquers the gravity and floats or fly’s at will or permeates through the wall.  In activating the object at the speed of mind, the object is not captive of gravity and friction but also overcomes barriers. The object could simply permeate the wall the same way the seer permeates. The process does not record time. This is among the dimensions that science as we know it cannot comprehend because their process bends the reality and overrides the law of physics by altering the normal order of things. The laws of motion are no longer applicable.

The player is not energy, speed and time but the human brains. This revolution could throw cold water on the already challenged scientists in the nature of gravity and its relationship to the other three forces i.e. strong nucleus forces which build the particles in atomic nuclei; the weak nuclear force, which is responsible for some sort of radioactive decay and electromagnetism, and to quantum theory, namely the black holes and the universe as a whole and the early universe.

The ngugi energy, if allowed for exploits could easily handle humanity’s future outer space missions. It is open secret American astronauts who landed on the moon in the late 1960’s were not the first people to do so. There are traces of evidence to honor an old civilization for having landed there a long time ago. Majority credit the Egyptian black people or Anu. If they did, they did not use hydrocarbons and motors. Americans are silent about this new development. They knew at first Newtonian physics explained all that was known until such a serious deviations from the norm were observed. It was Einstein who came up with explanation that the new observed phenomena could be understood in a different paradigm. NASA incorporated psych and metaphysics in its outer space research programmes.

West must master the working of the brain before they force mechanical concepts of engineering in the construction of Egyptian edifice known in history as pyramids. Egyptian priests who were engineers applied ngungi process to transport, lift and align the very huge blocks of stones during the construction of the pyramids from 4th Dynasty to 6th Dynasty.

The signature the black priests of Anu left behind in form of pyramids has so far defeated the intelligence of all humanity. It will call for another black brain to decipher that signature.

Copyright: Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum