Mount Kenya Spirituality

Mount Kenya is found in Kenya. Kenya is an East African republic bordered by Tanzania to the south, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia to the north, Uganda to the West and Indian Ocean to the east. The Mountain is known for her snow capped peaks positioned right at the equator.

The serenity of the Mountain has appealed immensely to the spiritual imagination of different sages from different civilizations throughout history. For instance, the Egyptian myth that came down around 15,000 BC and 10,000 BC spoke of lands of gods and paradise in the south. The old Egyptian paradise in the south was called Ta Neteru in reference to Mount Kenya, where the three Egyptian principle gods were known to live long before the president of the land of the south made voyage to Egypt. This is an elaborate and complete Nile Valley system and at later dates the dispersal of man from the cradle of mankind. It must be noted when the myth came over it is not the years that the principle gods and the president of the land of the south made voyage. The myth is in reference to periods before the creation of man when gods had habitation in the Nile valley. The legends are a reflection of collective memory that recognizes the movements of blacks or Inu from Mount Kenya region or East Africa to the North. There lacks a clear water line to determine when gods left and when men arrived because their history is shrouded in mystery and intertwined personalities in anthromorphic nature.

Mahabaratha the great Indian epic refers to Mount Meru, the land of gods. At Meru the sun and moon go round from left to right every day and do all the stars. The Mountain by its luster, so overcome the darkness of night, that the night can hardly be distinguished from the day. The day and night are altogether equal to a year to the residents of the place (The Mahabaratha, in the Actic Home in Vedas, p.p. 64-65).

 No doubt Rishis or wise men were referring to Mount Kenya.

Bhaghavad-Gita      As It Is    Chapter 10 Text23 page 473.

--- and of Mountains I am Meru.

 The rishis that the writer has accompanied to Mount Kenya prefers entering through Meru side.

Bible- Isaiah Chapter 2     Verse 1-4.

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